5 Best Free Code Editors for Windows & Mac 2020


Sometimes it is more important to know what is the best free code editors for web development. A good web development code editor can save your time and pain. But now there are numerous code editors. And from there, it is quite challenging to choose the right code editor.

Although paid code editors are useful for web development, nowadays, the free code editor is more powerful than the paid editor. So today, I will discuss the top 5 best IDE for web development.

best free code editors

1. Visual Studio Code [VS Code]

One of the best free code editor. I use it myself. Its UI and UX are pretty cool. Microsoft created it. Microsoft Ops! Don’t be afraid, Microsoft made it completely free.

You can enhance any feature by using the extension. VS Code is run very smoothly in low config PC or Laptop.

Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux


  • Fast and lightweight with awesome UI.
  • Built-in Git commands.
  • Useful for large and complex projects.
  • Extensible and customizable by using free extensions, themes.
  • Compatible with web development and other programming languages.
  • IntelliSense that means syntax highlighting and autocomplete advantage.
  • Debugging Features.

2. Brackets

If you want a modern code editor with a modern user interface. Then I recommend brackets. Especially it is best for Front end web developer. This software developed by Adobe, but it’s open-source and free.

If you are a front end designer, there is no need for the alternative IDE. It supports many languages and also has an excellent library of extensions. In this extension library, you will find Emmet, auto prefix, Git, Beautify, W3C Validation, etc.

Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux


  • Fast and lightweight with rich UI.
  • Built-in inline editors live preview and preprocessor support.
  • Fast & effective extension management.
  • Brackets support third-party plugins.
  • Integrated web browser.
  • Open-source Software.
  • Extremely customizable with free plugins and themes.

3. Atom

This software developed by Github. Atom journey started in 2014 and quickly gained popularity. Atom is simple and highly customizable. Its support all most all programming language.

best free code editors

This editor has a lot of features. When it developed, they call it a “hackable text editor for the 21st Century.” Hackable because you can install third-party packages and themes to customize the editor.

Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux


  • Built-in package manager.
  • It’s easy to customize and style with the built-in theme.
  • Github integration.
  • Edit code together in real-time.
  • Built-in Smart autocompletion, file system browser, multiple panes, find and replace tool, etc.

4. Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE is not just a code editor IDE. So you don’t have to worry about its features. Komodo IDE  is a product of Activestate. If you want all in one IDE, Komodo IDE is the best option for you.

Its support all programming language. It has an advanced editor option. This option helps you to track changes, language detection, multiple selections, spilt view, auto-complete advantages, and many more.

One of the most significant advantages of Komodo IDE is that you can work your code with your team anywhere. NASA, CISCO, VMware using Komodo IDE.

Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux


  • One IDE for all programming languages.
  • Advanced editor option.
  • Add-Ons and customization options.
  • It has built-in productive tools to assist you while you code.
  • Graphical debugging options.
  • Built-in version control and integrated tools.
  • Smart workflow and file management.

5. Vim

Vim was made over 28 years ago. This software developer is Bram Moolenaar. I think you understand that this is an old and powerful editor. You can work GUI and command-line interface. It has 12 different editing modes. For intermediate and advanced developers, Vim is the best text editor software. Lots of features with over 14000 free plugins.

It has highlights including automatic commands, split-screen and session screen functionality, tab expansion, and syntax coloring to name, view, and edit a file on a remote server via a terminal.

Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux


  • Persistent, multi-level undo tree.
  • Huge plugin library.
  • Support for hundreds of programming languages and file formats.
  • Most Powerful search and replace features.
  • Integrates with many useful coding tools.


Everyone has own choices. Now it is your responsibility, which code you will use. All of the code editors are best for web development. Now look at each of the features and choose your web development IDE.

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