Difference Between Genuine and Non Genuine Windows


Do you want to know the difference between genuine and non genuine Windows? Genuine vs pirated windows 10 has some difference. As a computer user, you have to understand this difference.

We are all dependent on technology to keep moving with current technology. The computer is a big part of this technology. The computer needs an operating system to make it work. There are many operating systems to keep up with technology and make our work more comfortable and more efficient.

Windows is a flagship operating system from Microsoft that we have been using for personal and business purposes. Before we start talking about genuine Windows and non genuine Windows. Let’s know about the operating system. What is Crapware? Crapware Removal Windows 10

Difference Between Genuine and Non Genuine Windows

What is Operating System?

An operating system is a core software of a computer. That controls your computer’s input, output, storage processing, etc., it is called OS for short. You can think of the operating system as the controller of other software/applications running on your computer. Where all software or apps work under the operating system, and the operating system takes care of what this software is doing and what they need to do.

Again, not everything that the operating system controls. The operating system is still dependent on the BIOS (BIOS- Basic Input Output System). BIOS helps the operating system to interact with hardware and software, as the kernel does. BIOS is not software, it is built-in with each computer’s hardware chip, called firmware. When the same operating system and kernel work on all types of computers, the BIOS differs according to the computer’s hardware model and manufacturer.

One of the most popular operating systems is the Windows operating system. It is a graphical operating system. In response to the growing interest in graphical operating systems, Microsoft introduced the Windows operating system in 1985 as an additional feature of their Disk Operating System (DOS), and many versions of Windows have been released since then. So far it has been widely used in personal or desktop computers.

Difference Between Genuine and Non Genuine Windows

Windows versions are:

  • Windows 1.0
  • Windows 2.0
  • Windows 3.0
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

On August 16, 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10 as its last operating system. After that, Microsoft gradually brought the next version of Windows 10 to the market. The previous update of Windows 10 was version 1609, which was released in the market on October 02, 2018. But from the beginning, the price of each of Microsoft’s products was so high that it was beyond the reach of the common man, and that’s where the crack originated. Crack means typically to use something illegally.

Most of the computer users use the cracked version of Windows just because of its wide price. Few users buy and use a valid Windows license. But if you notice, you will see that there is no difference between genuine and nongenuine Windows. Now you might be wondering if there is no difference then why buy Windows and use it, and who is buying and using it or why?

Non Genuine or Pirated Windows

  • Using cracked windows means using Windows entirely illegally. That means using Windows as a thief.
  • Crack Windows is activated with some software created by hackers, such as KMS, Windows Activator, Re-loader, etc.
  • Crack Windows’s biggest problem is that it can hang at any time, and can cause trouble in your work.
  • Crack Windows’s program file can be missing at any time. Since it is connected to the server of hackers, there is no possibility of downloading the instant missing file.
  • Crack Windows users get Microsoft’s latest updates too late. Besides, if the device drivers are not instantly updated, the PC becomes slow. New problems arise at work.
  • Using Cracked Windows may require you to use antivirus to keep your computer virus-free. As the built-in antivirus may not work correctly on Cracked Windows. And using new antivirus will make your computer slower.
  • Crack Windows Since you have to activate tools created by hackers, you can definitely assume that all the data on your computer is insecure. Hackers can steal your data at any time.

Now many people may say or think that I have been using cracked windows for many years, but I do not have any problem. I am always getting an update, and the computer is not slow. The only thing I can tell them is that when you activate the crack with the tools made by Windows Hacker, your computer has been added to the hackers’ personal server instead of being added to Microsoft’s server. And the updates that you are continually getting are also coming from hackers’ servers.

Genuine Windows

  • Using the original Windows means using Windows legally. Which you bought directly from Microsoft.
  • Genuine Windows is activated with a valid product key purchased from Microsoft. To thoroughly verify it, you have to enable it online using the product key.
  • Genuine Windows is not likely to be down at any time, like cracked Windows. Genuine Windows Maximum is down only when there is a problem with your computer hardware.
  • The Genuine Windows often misses files, but it is much less than the crack. If the file is missing in the original Windows. You will not be able to understand a lot of the time, because it is connected to Microsoft’s server, the missing files are automatically downloaded and installed.
  • Genuine Windows users get the latest updates from Microsoft as soon as they come out. All the new device driver updates make the computer work much faster.
  • Genuine Windows A also requires the use of anti-virus, but newer versions of Windows, starting with Windows 8.1, have a built-in anti-virus called Windows Defender, so there is no further problem. Windows Defender is a powerful anti-virus. It works very fast and has no effect on the computer.
  • Genuine Windows has to be activated with Microsoft’s official serial key, and that’s why you don’t have to worry about data security.


One last thing I want to say is why only Windows, we use many types of software on the computer for our needs. The maximum software is paid, which means that if you want to get all the features, you must buy a license and use it. You will be allowed to use the trial version for 7 days or 30 days, and you will not be allowed to use all the features in the trial version. Its alternative is the cracked version.

If you want, you can easily download the crack version of the software you need online, such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, and much more necessary software without which you are completely useless. But the only problem is that whenever you use the crack version, you should definitely consider that the control of your computer is in the hands of someone else, and it is at considerable risk. So think about which one to use now!

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