Do I need SSL for my Website?


Do I need SSL for my website? Why do we need an SSL certificate? Yes, this is a well-known question in the newbie website owner. As a website owner or web developer, you have to know this answer.

SSL helps you to protect your data from the hacker. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol made to maintain communicating safely online. An SSL is a digital certificate that is issued a specific domain name. In SSL certification, additionally comprises the signature, serial number, expiration date, etc.

Do I need SSL for my Website

To allow a safe connection and shield important information, an SSL certification document needs to really be put in on the server. The moment the SSL setup is done, you may safely obtain your services using HTTPS or every different SSL protocols such as FTPS, IMAPS, POP3S, SMTPS, NNTPS, LDAPS, etc.

I hope you have some idea about SSL. Let’s find out now. Do you need SSL for your Website? Do you know, How to Secure WordPress Website from Hackers?

How SSL Works

  • When a browser wants to connect to a web server with an SSL certificate, the browser first provides its identity to the webserver.
  • The web server then sends its web certificate to the browser.
  • The browser then checks the web server for trust and sends a message to the webserver.
  • Then the browser and web server show digitally encrypted data.
  • This synchronisation shows that only web browsers and web servers display data trusted between themselves and that the browser web server’s data is secured.

How to recognise SSL Certificate enabled Website

URL starts with SSL enabled site https (not http). So if you see a web site with https, you will understand that the site is SSL certified. The last S actually means that the server is secure.

1. Encryption

Encryption is a type of secret code when you enter any data on a website, that is, the PIN of your bank master or Visa card, a secret code will be created for that data and that code will be recorded on that website as secret code. This is a unique way to keep buyer information secure.

The internal purpose of an SSL certification is always to shield server-client communicating. On putting in SSL, just about every piece of data has been still encrypted. It could only be unlocked with the planned receiver (server or browser ) because nobody else could get the secret to open up. While working on sensitive information such as IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, etc. SSL makes it possible to force away from hackers and skimmers.

If the password or credit card number that users will give on these sites is not encrypted, then hackers can easily hack everything. If you have an eCommerce website or a payment exchange website, then SSL is very, very important for your website.

2. SEO Rank

In 2014, Google announced that the ranking of websites with SSL would increase quickly. If your website has SSL, Google thinks that user data is not likely to be stolen. So, Google always pushes everyone to migrate his site https.

And if you want to increase the number of visitors to the website, then you have to add SSL. This will increase the ranking of your website and get a lot more visitors from search results.

3. Authentication

After getting an SSL certification, the following kind of security known as a server certification can be issued. This certification functions as a mediator in between browsers and also SSL servers to confirm that the SSL certification provider might be reliable.


Buyers can view the records to confirm the SSL certification of one’s website is current which the webpage they genuinely are going to get into information on is yours rather than a fake.

4. Customer Trust

A green signal in the browser of the SSL website that sends a security message to the visitor. In SSL Website hacker will not see the information about you or your visitors. It creates a trust to your website visitor.

5. Added Brand Value

As SSL increases visitor trust, your brand will automatically attract visitors. Information technology experts believe that SSL acts as an undeclared brand promoter for any digital company.


Do I need SSL for my website? I think you find this answer. SSL acts as additional security for your website. If you create your website as a membership site or take user data through some form and if SSL is confirmed on your web portal then no third party will be able to see that information.

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