Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks 2020


What is the best JavaScript framework 2020 is? Javascript Framework helps the developer to create a perfect website quickly.

Initially, JavaScript was only used to add interactions and animations to a website. But now JavaScript is used in both front-end and back-end. JavaScript is now the king of the front end.

JavaScript has been improved and popularized by its framework and library. New frameworks and libraries are constantly being added. It is challenging to choose the framework of your choice from so many new frameworks because all the latest frameworks are being created whose names many developers do not know.

In today’s article, I will talk about the top 10 most popular best JavaScript framework at the moment.

JavaScript Frameworks 2020

What is JavaScript Frameworks

Now the various frameworks have made the work of the developers much easier. With the help of different frameworks, it is possible to do a lot of complex and difficult project very fast, which the developers used to do a lot of hard work. So, it saves a lot of time as well as the amount of code to write. Today we will learn about some JavaScript frameworks through which you can easily do front end and back end tasks and they are also very popular. Although there are many frameworks that are very old, there is a lot to learn from them.

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JavaScript framework 2020

1. Angular Js

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for creating single-page web applications. AngularJS is now used on almost all web pages. There is also a remarkable mobile application framework called ionic. With which the app can be created using Angular JS. Knowing AngularJS can do great things. The marketplace also has all the great job posts on AngularJS. It should be great to learn.

Angular provides you with a full development environment, as well as a good structure for your web apps. It can work with all useful JavaScript libraries. It is much shorter and faster. Its size is only 60 kilobytes.

2. React JS

React JS is the name of the remarkable framework created by Facebook. React JS framework is very popular at the present time. React JS is not comparable to running big websites fast and smoothly.

There is a massive demand for the job market and freelancing marketplace.

3. Vue Js

VueJS is very popular for single-page website development. More than 40,000 websites are now using this framework. The size of this framework is only 18–21KB. So you don’t have to worry about speed or smoothness.

4. Ember Js

Ember.js is being used on more than 6,000 websites. You can use CoffeeScript, Handlebars, LESS, and Sass in the CLI of Ember.js. Ember.js entered the JavaScript world in 2015. Began to gain popularity very quickly after entry.

5. Meteor Js

Meteor Js is written using NodeJS. Meteor Js entered the JavaScript world in 2012. This framework is currently used on 13,000 websites. Meteor js may be a good choice for full stock web developers. Also, it works quite well for creating real-time applications.

6. Polymer js

The polymer is also an open-source, Google-developed JavaScript framework that may build website components without moving into a sophisticated level. It also allows both single-way and two-way information connecting, thereby providing a broader implementation field. It’s the next phase of the structure for the development of much stronger websites. The Aurelia system will expand the HTML for different purposes, like data binding.

7. Backbone Js

it’s one of the most well-known frameworks on JavaScript. Understanding and comprehension are straightforward. Single Page Software can be developed. Creating this system includes the assumption that all server-side operations will need to operate via an API, which by writing less code, can help achieve complicated functionalities.

8. Mithril Js

Mithril is a client-side JavaScript platform chiefly utilized to build Single Page Programs. The specification of this structure is simple since there are not any derived functions in the base class. It’s tiny (< 8 kb gzip), fast, and offers out of the box routing and XHR utilities. It has several similar features to Respond.

9. Node Js

Node.js is really a run-time framework on the host aspect of JavaScript that functions on most platforms and can be open source. The framework is capable of forcing asynchronous I / O with its event-driven structure. It operates in the JavaScript Runtime environment, and thus shows similar JAVA properties like threading, packing loop formation.

10. Aurelia Js

Aurelia stage is JavaScript’s most current version that may be used to apply any GUI. It is the second phase of the architecture for the creation of much stronger websites. The Aurelia program will expand the HTML for different functions like data binding.

In The End

Be sure to check out Google Trends before choosing any framework. Because of the demands of the framework change at different times.

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