Top 10 Best Websites to Download Free Vector Art for Illustrator


It is essential to know what is the best websites to download free vector art for Illustrator. Almost every designer need vector art at different times. Sometimes it’s hard to find a perfect vector for free.

But if you know the names of the websites, you can easily find the vectors.  So today I came up with all the websites where you can get vector art for free.

Although there are many websites internet, you have to purchase vector art from most of the sites. We have compiled a listing of sites offering premium excellent vector artwork at no cost.

Download Free Vector Art


Stock includes over 3,000 free vector images offered for download and also a new segment for icons, a few of which are accessible as vector files also. The collection contains images in a variety of fashions, designs, tags, and infographics.

At a glance: 

  • There is a smooth search operation to locate what you’re searching for.
  • Documents can be found in a variety of formats (AI/EPS/JPG).
  • Downloads will be instantaneous, without the need to register in or finish a captcha.
  • No attribution is necessary for use.
  • While logging is not required, it is an optional feature which permits you to save favourite pictures and keep track of your downloads. Stockio also includes free photos, videos and fonts available for download.

2. Free Vector

You do not require an account to get pictures, but downloads are postponed by 5 minutes while an advertisement is displayed. Free images can only be used for private endeavours with attribution; however, also you have the choice to register for an account for $9.99 per month to use the superior permit on most of the downloads.

3.’s existed for ten decades and aims to produce the database as secure as you can. So that you can find whatever you require for your work. The keyword search function auto-completes together with hints as you type, which means that you can find some new ideas in case you are short of inspiration.

At a glance:

  • Each picture has its very own creative commons license, many are free for individual use.
  • You do not need to make an account login to download images, but most of the downloads are postponed by 5 minutes as a pop-up advertisement is displayed.
  • The only significant problem on this website is that a few of the documents are no longer accessible, though most appear to download without any issue. You also can not select a file format to get and even do not understand the arrangement of the picture you choose until after it is downloaded.

4. Vector Portal

Vector Portal has existed since 2005 and is now among the best free vector websites. It’s possible to hunt for images by keyword or browse by class (flags, maps, animals, templates, tech, etc.) or view the most current and most well-known pictures.

At a glance:

  • Downloads are instantaneous but open a new browser displaying an ad every moment, which may grow to be very annoying.
  • Photographs may be used for business endeavours, but attribution is asked if possible and proper (i.e. attribution isn’t required for images printed onto a t-shirt).
  • Vector Portal also offers a site using thoughts and tutorials for using vector images and also to produce your vector images.

5. Vecteezy

Vecteezy makes it simple to find and obtain new vector artwork with featured downloads sorted into artwork, icons, and even layouts. Each document has its permit, together with being free for private or business use with attribution.

At a glance:

  • There is also a superior choice available exclusively for members. Prices start from $14 per month to get unlimited downloads and royalty-free use.
  • Membership also provides you accessibility to Brusheezy along with Videezy.
  • Membership is not required to obtain free files. Still, it also enables quicker downloads (downloads, if you are not logged, are postponed by 5 minutes ), and provides you with the ability to leave feedback and rescue your files for simple access later.
  • The most exceptional feature of Vecteezy is the editor that permits you to edit and edit pictures by changing fonts, colours, and sizes until you download them.

6. Dry Icons

Dry Icons is a free vector website specializing in icons. But also, it contains other vector illustrations and art, together with over 6,700 documents in total. Pictures used for private or industrial projects must incorporate an attribution and also have a connection back into the Dry Icons site.

best websites to download free vector art for Illustrator

At a glance:

  • Icons and images are recorded in places, with all the most recent uploads exhibited on the site.
  • Downloads are postponed by 3 minutes and then come as a selection of formats. You won’t understand what file format you are getting before the downloading is complete.
  • One thing to be mindful of this site is that Shutterstock graphics are blended in with all the search results, and it is not too apparent they’re part of the superior search results, that is a bit annoying.

7. Vexels

Vexels has some great excellent graphics on offer. However, PSDs and PNGs are blended up with the vector documents in search results so you will want to double-check you are downloading a genuine vector picture if that is precisely what you want. Fortunately, the lookup thumbnails are quite simple to navigate using a pop-up revealing the document format when you put them over.

At a glance:

  • Nearly all of the pictures are free to download, but you have to credit the author, and also you can not utilize them on product, templates, or even programs.
  • If you spend money on a protracted permit, beginning at $7.49 per month, then you’ve got access to graphics and do not need to deliver an attribution. You might even utilize licensed pictures where you would like. You might also get a permit for one painting for just $5.
  • Paid consumers also have access to an internet editor with readymade designs to personalize such as greetings cards, site images, invitations, ads, and much more.
  • Every download when you are not signed as a superior user produces a pop-up revealing the various programs so that you need to click two to obtain and this slows down things a bit. Free downloads can also be delayed by 10 minutes.

8. Flat Icon

If you’re searching for vector images to use as icons, then it is worth having a look in Flat Icon. The website contains over 10,000 icon packs, and also nearly all of them are free to download.

At a glance:

  • Premium consumers (beginning from $7.50 per month) have access to icons and may use them with no attribution.
  • The images are organized, and you’ll be able to navigate by group and filter outcomes for color or black and white icons just, in addition to the principal lookup performance.
  • Flat Icon permits you to make”collections” and insert individual images into your group rather than downloading the whole set.
  • Downloads are only valid for logged in customers, and that means you have to register for a free account.

9. Freepik

It is possible to browse pictures by category or search by keyword. Vectors are free for private or business use, but you have to charge Freepik unless you register for premium membership at $7.50 per month.

At a glance:

  • Premium users also have access to graphics. Unregistered users are restricted to 5 downloads each day, whereas logged-in enrolled users have a quota of 30 days, and superior users may download up to 100.
  • Downloads are disrupted using a pop up (you can turn away after viewing it for the very first time). Still, they will be differently instantaneous, following a page redirect informs one to charge the writer.

10. VectorStock

VectorStock operates primarily as a paid market for vector graphics, but it also they have over 150,000 pictures for free. The search functionality permits you to look for complimentary vectors, and should you find something you prefer. You can click on the”view related images” link to find several other choices.

Signup is necessary before you’re able to download any documents. As soon as you’re signed, downloads are instantaneous without pop-ups or delay, and you have the choice to download right to Dropbox, that is useful if you are employing a restricted or slow link.

In The End

If you need to download vectors regularly then it is better to take a premium subscription. It will save time in the very long term. If we have missed some of your favourite tools for downloading free vector images, please discuss them in the remarks. Do you know, Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks 2020.

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