What is Crapware? Crapware Removal Windows 10


Crapware is not a new thing. Crapware is like bloatware. Crapware slows down your pc performance. Besides, it takes twice as long to boot. Crapware Removal Windows 10 will help you to remove crapware very easily.

Nowadays we are resorting to computers to meet various needs of our daily life. As the day improves, everything depends on technology. The computer is a big part of this technology. Now, it has become such that when we go without a computer, we always have to face various problems.

Crapware Removal Windows 10

And in this age of computer dependence, we are facing a little more disadvantage than advantage. There are many reasons for this. One of which is the use of pirated software and attack of different types of viruses.

Most of the current computer users are using Windows operating system on their laptop or desktop. Many of them use Mac and Linux according to their needs and preferences. And among these Windows users, the maximum number of users use Windows 10. Windows 10 comes with the default antivirus (Windows Defender) to protect against virus attacks. It works much better than all other standard antivirus but in some cases we have to use third party antivirus.

This Windows Defender of Windows 10 can protect the PC from various types of Spyware, Malware, but we often have to deal with crapware. Many of us have no idea about crapware, today we will know what is crapware and how to protect your PC from crapware.

What is Crapware?

Crapware in the language of the Internet and Wikipedia means pre-installed software. Many times we download different types of software from the internet for use on PC. After downloading and installing most of the software, it is seen that some additional software is installed along with that software. This extra installed software is called crapware.

Harmful Aspects of Crapware

Crapware is a virus, and it is always wrong to think that it is harmful to your PC. You can be protected from crapware at all times by blocking the crapware on the PC. Crapware will not work for you, it is only installed as an additional addon or module with the software. If you are a little careful when installing software on the PC, such problems can be avoided. Many of us complete the installation by simply clicking Next while installing the software on the PC. But you should see what I am installing.

Crapware Removal Windows 10

One of the most harmful aspects of crapware is CryptoJacking on your PC without your permission. Cryptojacking means someone else may be mining bitcoin using your PC’s hardware. It could also be that someone is manipulating all the data on your PC through this cryptocurrency. It is often seen that this crapware is enabled in the startup section of your PC. So all new attempts run in the background, and the PC becomes very slow.

There is also the possibility of increasing the boot time of the PC. Some crawlers take up a lot of computer storage space. This is why the crapware should be blocked to protect the PC considering the harmful aspects of the crapware.

Crapware Removal Windows 10

Some apps help you to remove crapware. Check out these 5 tools for remove crapware.

How to block crapware?

If Windows 10 has an anti-crapware feature and it is always disabled, you need to enable this feature. You need to open “Windows PowerShell Admin” to turn on the anti – crapware feature. Press Start + X from the keyboard to open PowerShell in Administrator mode.

  • Clicking to open Windows PowerShell.
  • Copy the following code and place it on Windows PowerShell and press Enter.
Set-MpPreference -PUAProtection 1

Doing this will enable Crapware Protection on your PC. You can disable it if you want. Use the following command to disable it.

Set-MpPreference -PUAProtection 0

Whether your PC has crapware enabled or disabled, you can easily see it if you want. To view it, go to the admin mode of Windows PowerShell and Enter the following two commands.

$Preferences = Get-MpPreference

If you see 1 as shown in the image above, then you understand that your PC has crapware enabled. And if it shows 0, then it must be disabled.

This way you can turn on the default anti-crapware feature of Windows 10. After enabling the anti-crapware feature on your PC, Windows Defender will block any crapware that gets caught while installing any software. If you want, you can view the history of crapware from Windows Defender on your PC.


Hope you know how to remove Crapware from Windows 10. If you are not an expert in computer use, it is best to keep it off. Do you know, How to secure wordpress website from hackers?

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