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WordPress security scan website helps you to secure your website. Black hat hackers always try to hack or steal your website information. Also, malware-infected websites affect SEO, and visitors do not feel safe to visit the website.

Are you really feeling confused the site may possibly malware-infected? If you are searching for an easy way to scan your website security. Then you definitely certainly can execute a fast safety scan to find it.

You can use plugins to secure your WordPress site. However, you can initially scan the website or WordPress site for security. It will help you to audit your website security. Most of the online scanners are free to use. Today we have come up with the top 10 wordpress security scan websites.

wordpress security scan

1. Sucuri SiteCheck – Free Website Security Check

Sucuri’s SiteCheck helps you to find malicious code, vulnerabilities, and spam, etc. It’s also going to check your domain name blacklist tool. SiteCheck can additionally scan the input URL along with the extra webpages linked out of this.

Sucuri is thought of as among the optimal WordPress antivirus and stability scanning software from the world. Sucuri can be a site safety & security system.

At a glance:

  • Help to Detect Website Security Issues.
  • Scan full Website for Viruses & Malware.
  • Website Blacklist Status Check.
  • Out-of-Date Software & Plugins Check.

2. Google Safe Browsing

WordPress Security Scanners Online

Google’s safe browsing website is essential for the website. If your website affected by malware, your website received a red warning page from Google. This provides a red alert if your website is remarkably dangerous. The google-search engine will probably alert you in case the site is currently considered dangerous.

Google’s safe browsing website helps you to identify your website security problem. This site will provide you a guideline to remove warning and virus. You are going to have the ability to determine if your URL is index insecure from Google’s Safe searching tools.

At a glance:

  • Malware explained.
  • Phishing explained.
  • Attack sites check.
  • Compromised sites check.

3. VirusTotal – Free Online Virus Scan

Almost all internet users are familiar with this website. It scans files as well as websites. VirusTotal scans your URL for malware and also stability vulnerabilities.

It scans through all the world-famous antivirus for free. It’s possible to even utilize it to check for suspicious code also redirects into the site dash. VirusTotal provides an in-depth report as a result of its scan is finish.

At a glance:

  • In-depth scan report.
  • Real-time updates.
  • Malware sites, phishing sites, suspicious sites check.
  • Free paid antivirus engines scan services.

4. WPRecon – WordPress Security, Testing and Analysis

WPRecon will help your WordPress site to know whether it requires any upgrades. It’s a fundamental WordPress scanner, much like ScanWP. You may utilize it to confirm the indicator of Google protected surfing or even for discovering the plugins of one’s WordPress site.

Its additional purposes demand scanning listing indexing, outside connections, subject course vulnerability, JavaScripts, along with Iframes. WPRecon will exhibit the outcome of most of the scanned items at the right arrangement that has a fantastic explanation.

At a glance:

  • Malware Detection.
  • Blacklist Checker.
  • Plugins & Themes Detection.
  • WordPress Version & SSL Certificate Checker.
  • Hosting & CDN Detection.

5. Web Inspector – Website Malware Removal

If you want to analyze your own WordPress site, Web Inspector will help you to investigate. Internet Inspector includes just two main purposes. Very first, it is going to evaluate your site from Comodo analysts along with Google’s safe browsing indicator.

Following the scanning is finished, it is going to check for possible safety dangers. The stability will check for malware, code, trojans, viruses, adware, suspicious data files, and scripts.

At a glance:

  • Dynamic page analysis system.
  • Signature-based detection.
  • Buffer overflow detection.
  • Heuristic detection techniques.
  • Website vulnerability report.

6. UpGuard – Free Website Security Scan

Cyber-criminals can steal your domain to abuse it to sending spam or malware. It’s known as the domain name and Server-based hacks. Even the UpGuard Cloud Scanner blocks it by checking your domain, port, email preferences, along with DNS.

The moment the procedure is finished, it is going to check for additional possible security dangers. It is going to display the link between this scanning at the right arrangement.

At a glance:

  • Security Rating Show.
  • Company Information Show.
  • Website Risks Report.
  • Email Security Check.
  • Brand Protection & Phishing and Malware Check.

7. WPScan – Online WordPress Security Scan

WPScan checks your website vulnerabilities. It can identify website security breaks. WPScan may even find your own WordPress variant, robot.txt data files installed and even plugins that are installed.

As soon as the scanning is finished, WPScan will show the response of you with all the accurate explanation of each and every reported matter at the proper arrangement.

At a glance:

  • Deep Scan Features.
  • All in one Dashboard.
  • Advanced Reports.

8. HackerTarget – WordPress Security Scan

Using HackerTarget, you’re able to scan your own WordPress variant, put in plugins, topics, for almost any possible security difference. Besides, it provides quite a few innovative scanning programs to find malware or any alternative security dangers on your site.

At a glance:

  • Identify the theme and plugins in use.
  • Attempt to count first 2 WP users.
  • List page resources including js & iframes
  • Test for directory indexing enabled on fundamental locations.
  • Check Google Safe Browse for status.

9. Pentest-Tools WP Scanner

Pentest-Tools WP Scanner can check WordPress’s stability, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and security, etc. Pentest-Tools WP scanner will give you direction about repairing the problems it outlined.

At a glance:

  • In-depth scan report.
  • Plugins, themes and their versions detector.
  • Shows vulnerabilities and exploits which affect each component.
  • Shows WordPress configuration issues like a directory listing, backup files, etc.
  • WordPress fingerprinting information

10. FirstSiteGuide – WordPress Security Scanner

FirstSiteGuide is an entirely free WordPress security scanner. It will show you essential errors or bug in your website that is important for security.

At a glance:

  • WordPress version checks and notifies for upgraded.
  • HTTP headers scan to decide whether your host is showing some other risky data.
  • Checking Admin host.


Some of the tools here are capable of scanning not only WordPress sites but also other websites. I expect you found this short article for discovering the ideal WordPress security scanner. All these websites may find various types of malware and also allow you to find a solution.

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